Equipment in the Center for the popularization of science and innovation in the Region of Istria

Laboratory - ground

  1. Set of elements for statics
  2. Set of circuit blocks
  3. Harmonic oscillator with accessories

  4. Set for pressure of fluids
  5. Set for thermal expansion of solids and liquids
  6. Stirling engine

Laboratory - first floor

  1. Van De Graaff generator
  2. Set of dielectric constant capacitors
  3. Set of sources of power
  4. Set for electricity (first part)

  5. Set for electricity (second part)
  6. Set of accessories (Biot-Savart law)

  7. Set of electromagnetic accessories
  8. Electromagnetic scale

Laboratory - second floor

  1. Set of accessories for geometrical optics
  2. Set of accessories for wave optics

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