Centre for the Popularization of Science in the Region of Istria

Together with the Association of Technical Culture Pula, the Istrian Development Agency established and equipped the Centre for the Popularization of Science in the Region of Istria in 2015. The Istrian Development Agency equipped the newly established Centre within the framework of the project Smart inno (IPA CBC) and the Association of Technical Culture Pula has enabled the infrastructure. The Centre, intended for preschool and school children, aims at popularizing science among the young, which will enable them to turn their innate curiosity into love for science and research. The Center will enable learning the basic laws of nature in a simple and interesting way, through interactive experiments for which teaching resources are enabled. This will raise the development potential of the Region, strengthening the infrastructure for research and development in order to encourage technological developments in the Region. Center in Pula is the first and currently the only one in Croatia, networking with similar institutions in the world which are about 3000 also represents one of the goals.
In the Region of Istria there are numerous preschool institutions, 48 elementary schools, 22 secondary schools, Juraj Dobrila University of Pula, Polytechnic Pula, with the total of approximately 2000 students. The Centre is also located in the vicinity of the University Library of Pula, the Archaeological Museum of Istria, the Historical and Maritime Museum of Istria, and the Technical School in Pula, which enables better cooperation of the institutions with the Centre. Opening of the Centre represents an important link in the chain of development of education through the promotion of science and linking formal and informal learning, what is the key for development of future generations as a competitive workforce and consequently the development of innovation in the economy.

Activities and services:

The project is co-funded by the European Union, instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance

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